These sponsors make it possible for us to offer this summit to you for free. Read on to learn about why these companies are so committed to our AIP community...

Otto's Naturals 

One of our main focuses at Otto’s Naturals and a primary reason we started our company was to serve the AIP community. As a family with food intolerances, we wanted to introduce others to cassava flour and give them the opportunity to cook and bake again without worry. We will continue to prioritize the AIP community through all of our new product launches and growth and are especially excited to support the first AIP Summit this year!

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AIP is important to ShopAIP because while modern medicine saved the life of our founder, Sandra Dorst, AIP gave her one worth living. Changing her diet to AIP lifted her chronic pain, crushing fatigue and brain fog, which she thought was permanent. AIP changed her life forever and the only thing that was missing was a store to make it all easier! And thus, ShopAIP was born out of love, necessity and the desire to help others.

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Wild Zora is so thankful to be part of the AIP Summit and hear from you exactly what products the AIP community needs in order to thrive.  Zora, our fearless leader, has dedicated her life to making healthy snacks and meals with one motto in mind: we only put food in our food. We believe no autoimmune disease, allergy, or dietary restriction should keep you from enjoying your life. We are committed to making portable AIP compliant snacks and meals are made with clean ingredients that you can trust. That way, that you can spend less time prepping food, and more time doing the things you love.


Paleo On the Go

We couldn't be more excited and honored to support the AIP Summit. As the original AIP meal delivery service, we know first-hand the impact that providing convenient and delicious AIP meals has had on the lives of our customers. We hope to spread the word of this diet far and wide in order to help as many people as possible regain their health. Partnering with Sarah Ballantyne and Jaime Hartman couldn't make more sense when it comes to realizing this goal of ours!

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Fresh Pressed Olive Oil Club

The Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club is honored to be a part of the AIP Summit. We are grateful to Dr. Sarah Ballantyne for introducing us to the AIP community. She is our trusted partner, and her dedication to helping people improve their health is beyond measure. We are proud that our fresh-pressed extra virgin olive oil is Sarah's top choice. Her recommendation is so gratifying.

Get a complimentary bottle of olive oil!


Autoimmune Strong

Supporting the AIP community is a huge part of the Autoimmune Strong mission. Andrea, the personal trainer behind Autoimmune Strong, knows firsthand the power of combining a healing diet with healing exercise, as this combination helped her transition from couch bound to living life. Autoimmune Strong is the only exercise program designed for people living with autoimmune disease, by a personal trainer living with autoimmune disease, and because of that, Autoimmune Strong will always be a life-long supporter of AIP. Together we can empower and encourage individuals to eat well, move well, and be well. 


Butcher Box

ButcherBox believes in better. Our mission is to create a world where everyone wins with meat that is better for you, your family, the animals, the farmers, the business, and our planet. We deliver high quality meat you can trust; 100% grass-fed and pasture raised beef, free-range organic chicken, heritage breed pork, and wild caught Alaskan salmon directly to your door on a monthly basis. All of our products are humanely raised and never given antibiotics or added hormones ever.

The AIP community has stuck by us from the very beginning. We can't thank your community enough for all of their support through the years. Like you, we believe that the food we eat should be nutrient dense, promote health, and heal our bodies from the inside out. We want to continue to deliver the highest quality meat and seafood to do just that.

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Paleo Powder

We know that living an AIP lifestyle is so much more than just a fad or diet—this is a health necessity for many of you and your families. We love being able to ease the transition to those new to AIP (or for those seasoned veterans) to make putting dinner on the table just a little bit easier.

We're deeply honored to have been a part of this community for so many years and are endlessly grateful for the opportunity to support you!

Get a free packet of AIP all-purpose seasoning.


Real Plans

Real Plans is more than just a meal planning tool meant to make shopping and cooking easier for busy families. Yes, it does all that. But Real Plans understands that it’s hard to do these things when you need to add a specialized diet into the mix, and the AIP diet is definitely specialized. It takes unique understanding of this way of eating to ensure that our AIP customers eat well and stay healthy. Our AIP community is an important part of Real Plans because, while one person may need to eat a certain way, we realize that they may also have a whole family to feed that does not. Our flexibility caters to those needs while offering delicious recipes for the entire family.

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