The 2020 AIP Summit

presented by AIP Certified Coaches


"Dump" Cooking 

Presented by Michele Spring, CHC


About this speaker

Michele Spring is a health coach who manages her Hashimoto's and Celiac autoimmune diseases through diet and lifestyle. She once could barely get off the couch and thought she was dying, but then after doing AIP - and now primarily Paleo - hardly has any symptoms and can now chase her energetic kids around and even hike up big mountains!

In this video you'll learn about "dump" freezer cooking, which can be a huge time saver in the kitchen and a technique that Michele uses often to ensure that healthy, delicious meals will be on her table despite carting her kids around to their various activities. These meals require little time and energy to prep and just as little time and energy to cook and may just revolutionize the way you think about cooking!

You can find Michele at her website, Thriving On Paleo or giving AIP tips and recipes on her YouTube Channel.

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