The 2020 AIP Summit

presented by AIP Certified Coaches


Stick With The Plan! 

Presented by Marla Evans, MNT, FDNP


About this speaker

Marla Evans is a Master Nutrition Therapist who helps women dealing with chronic pain and fatigue reclaim the health they were meant to enjoy so they can finally get their lives back and have plenty of energy for the people they love. She lost over 15 years of her life to unexplained fatigue and muscle pain. A health crisis propelled her into the world of natural health where food and lifestyle changes relieved her pain. Now she teaches other women to do the same.

In this video you’ll discover: The power of habits, the one simple tool that keeps you on track, why self-discipline isn’t enough, and how to put your wellness goals on autopilot

Connect with Marla on her web site  or on Facebook.

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