The 2020 AIP Summit

presented by AIP Certified Coaches


Understanding and Overcoming the Fear that Holds You Back  

Presented by Shari Hussenbocus, MS, RD


About this speaker

Shari Hussenbocus uses a mind-body approach to help women understand their bodies and rewire their brains to make lasting changes and thrive with autoimmunity and period problems.  She is a clinically trained functional registered dietitian with a MS in nutrition and health promotion from MSU.

In this session, Shari explains that an inability to take action, or to follow-through, with lifestyle changes often comes from mental blocks that keep us stuck with our symptoms.  You’ll learn:
- The effects of guilt, shame, and fear on the immune system.
- Easy strategies to stop sabotaging yourself and supercharge your healing.
- To easily master your skills and live a life you love.

Meet Shari on her website or on Instagram.

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