The 2020 AIP Summit

presented by AIP Certified Coaches


Reducing Stress & Fear Around Eating

Presented by Katharine Drasic, MSc, RHN


About this speaker

Katherine Drasic is a registered holistic nutritionist, population health researcher and, interestingly, also a spiritual and energy healer.  She is a bridge between different cultures, disciplines, and ways of thinking in order to co-create personal, community, and planetary health.

When choosing to avoid certain foods, like when on AIP, it is common to feel stress about food and eating.  This video will explore a number of practical body-mind spirit approaches to reduce stress and fear about eating.  Participants will have an opportunity to practice using these approaches, understand supporting evidence, and hear stories about personal experiences.

Katherine sees clients online and in- person.  For nutritional and AIP services, visit Wellstream .  For Sacred Food Journeys, spiritual healing and retreats, visit DancingBowl .

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