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An Introduction to the Autoimmune Protocol









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An Introduction to the Autoimmune Protocol

This session will assume you have a "beginner's mind." It will provide a detailed introduction to the principles and parameters of the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), including the dietary elements as well as the lifestyle recommendations for success. If you are unfamiliar with AIP, or lack clarity on some of the details, or just want a refresher... this webinar is for you!

About the Presenter

Jaime Hartman is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Health and Well-Being Coach with a master's degree in educational psychology.

She has been a leader in the AIP movement for almost 10 years, first as a blogger and cookbook author creating AIP-compliant recipes while using the protocol to recover her own health, then as an AIP Certified Coach in private practice, and now also as an educator and mentor of other practitioners.

Jaime has guided hundreds of personal clients through all stages of the AIP and taught thousands more through her leadership in organizing the AIP Summit and other educational activities for the autoimmune community. 

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