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About the Webinar

One of the fundamentals of auto-immune health is gut health. In this session, Laurane Chemenda, FNTP, RWP will go over the link between gut health and autoimmune diseases, understanding the importance of digestive function and our microbiome, troubleshooting on possible root causes of leaky gut and poor gut health, and discussing how stool testing and supplementation can be of help.

This webinar is a special sneak preview of the 5th Annual AIP Summit with post-webinar Q&A discussion to follow in the new AIP Summit Community. Reserve your seat to attend this free webinar and learn how to become a charter member!

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About the Presenter

Laurane Chemenda is a French native Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and AIP coach specialized in gut health, inflammation and autoimmune diseases.

Through her online practice, "Laurane Nutrition", she helps people suffering from autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammation, and chronic pain revers their conditions, live pain-free and symptom-free so that they can finally enjoy a vibrant and joyful life.  She uses tools such as nutritional changes, lifestyle changes and functional stool testing to help get to the root cause.

 She is a firm believer in "Food is medicine". This concept is what allowed her to reverse her Autoimmune disease: Ankylosing Spondylitis. She was bedridden for a year because of the debilitating symptoms, before she found functional nutrition and is now in remission and very passionate in helping others make the first step to regaining their health.

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