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About the presenter

Mary McCaffrey is a Clinical hypnotherapist, Master NLP practitioner, Mind Coach and AIP certified health and wellness coach.

She runs a successful mind coaching business, Mind Changes, which works with clients online and face to face. Mary uses her skills in hypnosis, NLP and tapping to help her clients calm their minds, reduce stress and heal their gut.

Mary believes stress, anxiety and our conscious and unconscious thoughts are often overlooked considerations for people living with, and trying to heal from, autoimmune disease.

Brain Training for Better Gut Health

This webinar will demonstrate how working with the mind, while utilising the AutoImmune Protocol, can help you make the successful change to an AIP-supported lifestyle, and achieve your ultimate goal of healing. You will learn....

Brain and Gut

Why this connection is often called "the second brain."


How we define stress and how it affects gut health. 

Letting Go

Why letting go of our expectations can help us ... and how to do it!

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