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The recording will be replayed on October 14, 2021 at two different times for people in other time zones.

About the presenter

Renée Andreasen is the owner and founder of Healthy Inspired You and a Lifestyle Educator at the Institute of Complementary Medicine in Seattle. In addition to being an AIP Certified Coach, she is a Certified Health Coach, educated in Functional Nutrition and Precision Nutrition. 

After going through a lifetime challenge of her own anxiety and digestive issues, she figured out how to heal naturally through food and lifestyle. She also uses food as medicine to manage her son’s Crohn’s disease. She uses her training and experience in Health to help others improve their lives though food and lifestyle. 

Renee also helps Naturopathic Clinics expand their business to become more sustainable and profitable. Her mission is to make Naturopathic and Alternative medicine accessible to all so more people can harness their natural ability to heal, live long and thrive with as little medical intervention as possible. 

Understanding Your Lab Test Results

Renee will share her training and experience in how to interpret lab work so that you can better understand the results of tests your doctor orders. Though she will not be able to provide medical advice or personalized interpretations, she would like to know which topics are most important to those who have registered. When you register, please indicate the topic that you are MOST interested in learning more about.

What Tests Do I Need?

Information is power. Go to appointments knowing what tests to ask for. 

What Questions Should I Ask?

Once you have your results, utilize the expertise of your medical care provider by asking the right questions.

What Action Can I Take?

Test results don't mean much unless you know how to utilize them to fuel your health.

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