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Inaugural Sailing of the AIP Cruise

November 3-7, 2022

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A cruise just for us!

The AIP Cruise is a beautiful partnership that combines chef curated meals with the AIP touch, as well as education and fellowship with our AIP Community.

About the Sailing Experience

The AIP Cruise Team are committed to providing a spectacular experience on the AIP Cruise.

From curated menus, to a dedicated AIP Dining Room on the ship Independence of the Seas and exclusive activities for AIP Cruisers, we believe the AIP Cruise will be the perfect vacation experience for autoimmune patients practicing the AIP Protocol and their families.

Meet our Travel Advisor

Rita M. Perez, CTA, MCC

Rita started her travel agency, RitaVentures, LLC, three years after her Hashimoto's diagnosis in 2007. She specializes in working with change making leaders to champion their missions on cruise ship retreats.

Despite having been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease, Rita never experienced such extreme disease symptoms as she did in the second half of 2020. On her journey to get her health back on track, she discovered the autoimmune protocol (AIP), and quickly wondered how her two worlds of health and travel would be able to coexist with such stringent requirements.

In January 2021, she was able to receive more clarity on AIP after attending the AIP Summit. She then reached out to her support at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and found that they were more than equipped to handle the challenge of bringing an AIP Cruise to life.

What to expect on the AIP Cruise

Itinerary and ports are subject to change

Day 1

Embarkation Day

Embark the Mariner of the Seas at Port Canaveral, Florida

Welcome Session & Dinner in our Dining Room

Days 2 & 4

Sea Days

Breakfast, lunch and dinner in our Dining Room

AIP Educational Sessions

Free time to explore the ship and meet other AIPers!

Day 3

Cozumel, Mexico

Breakfast in our Dining Room

Free time and Lunch in Cozumel

Dinner in our Dining Room

Interested in learning more about the AIP Cruise?

We invite you to connect directly with Rita, who will promptly provide you with all details and answer any questions you may have.

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