The AIP Summit

presented by AIP Certified Coaches

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The 5th Annual AIP Summit - Encore

June 8-12, 2024

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BIPOC Roundtable - May

Unveiling Cognitive Challenges in Autoimmune Disorders

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The 5th Annual AIP Summit

presented by AIP Certified Coaches

"Encore" Re-Broadcast:

June 8-12, 2024


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The 5th Annual AIP Summit -  ENCORE AGENDA

Jaime Hartman, M.Ed., NBC-HWC, FNTP

Introducing the AIP Modified Elimination Phase

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Jan Steele

Organization Matters - Cooking for AIP

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Tomesha Campbell, FNC, Pn1

Tailoring AIP for Individual Health Needs

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Becca Benning, A-CFHC, FNC

3 Non-Food Ways to Set Yourself Up for AIP Success

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Alene Brennan, NTP, RYT

Managing Fatigue in a Busy World

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Stephanie Papadakis, N.C. and Grief Educator

Life After Loss of Health: A Live Grief Group

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Martha Saunders, M.Acc., NTP

Teens and Young Adults with Autoimmune Disease

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Lili Wagner, Psy. D.

How to Align Your Mind with Your Health Intentions

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Lucie ҆itinov√°, NTP

Fermented Foods and How to Include Them In Your Day

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Carol Jensen, FNTP, AFMC

Plantain Dough for All Your Baking

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Isabel Ramirez-Burnett, NBC-HWC

AI, Long Covid and MECFS Intersection: Citizen/Patient Science Perspective

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Dr. Jennifer Dillman, ND, FNTP

Empowering Wellness: Navigating the Hashimoto's Menopause Intersection for Vibrant Health

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Sheryl Cook, BSc(Hons), FNLP

Blood Sugar Management and AIP

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Sarah Brookes

Vitamin B1: An Underrated Nutrient in Autoimmune Disease

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Laurane Chemenda, FNTP, RWS

Getting to the Root Cause: Gut Health for Overall Immune Health

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Melanie Snyder, MS.Ed., CHC

AIP on the Go: Socializing, Dining & Traveling with Ease

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VJ Hamilton, RNT, BSc

How to Reset Your Relationship with Sugar

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Mickey Trescott, M.Sc., FNTP

Batch Cooking 101: Tips, Tricks, and Organization

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Shariah Ihsan, MS, RD

Un-flinched: How to Stick to Goals when Systems Don't Work

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Angela Smith, B.Ng., Dip.Mid, Grad.cert.Nut.Med

Navigating Pregnancy with Autoimmune Grace: Strategies, Challenges and the Role of the Autoimmune Protocol

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Noelle Creamer, Founder, BrightlyThrive

From Invisible to Invincible! Unlock Your Healing Potential and Learn to Thrive with Community Power

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Laura Morrow, NTP

Signs You May Have a Hormonal Imbalance - And What to Do About It

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Wendy Presant, RHNC

Following the AIP as a Family Caregiver

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