The 2020 AIP Summit

All bonuses listed below are included in the Premium Package

Recipes & Meal Planning

10 AIP Dinner Freezer Meals - by Michele Spring

30 Minute Meals for the Paleo AIP - edited by Jaime Hartman

Family Meal Planning Guide - by Vanessa Bond

Focus on the Best: Nutrient Powerhouse Cookbook - by Lucy Piper

My Best AIP Travel Recipes - by Doris Rabe

Menu Planning Guide and Tips - by Sheryl Cook

Postpartum AIP Recipes - by Brandy Cummings

Vegetable Cooking Guide - by Arnell Caris

Tools & Reference Materials

3 Steps to Behavior Change Worksheet & Journal - by Eva Ash

15 Ways to Thrive Without Alcohol - by Julie Hoskin

Appointment Checklist - by Christina Tidwell

Fueling for the Autoimmune Athlete - by Jacqui Zimmerman

Healing Affirmations and Visualizations - by Noelle Creamer

How to Take Care of Yourself While Grieving - by Stephanie Papadakis

Stick with the Plan! - by Marla Evans

Resources to Learn More

5 Things to Know Video Series - by Alison Danby

Embrace Your Fears "Funbook" - by Shari Hussenbocus

Essential Oils & Autoimmune Disease - by Alene Brennan

Guide to Using Cannabis without Getting High - by Christine Horley

The Best Food for Your Genes - by Ludy de Menten

Therapeutic Paleo Approach Online Course - by Sarah Ballantyne

The 2020 AIP Summit - Lifetime Access

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