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These sponsors make it possible for us to offer this summit to you for free. Read on to learn about why these companies are so committed to our AIP community...


"My health journey has truly come full circle as a sponsor of the AIP Summit this year.

Two years ago, I remember tuning into the AIP Summit anxious and lost after navigating a mystery chronic illness that left me completely bedridden—which, no surprise, later turned out to be autoimmune in nature.

After watching the talks, I decided to dive into AIP headfirst and experienced a huge transformation in terms of my symptoms. It’s been a tool in my toolbox that has continued to play a critical role in my own healing journey. 

Inspired by my own experience, I reached out to AIP Summit speaker Angie Alt and asked her to team up with me to change the standard of autoimmune care. 

This year, we launched WellTheory—an autoimmune care membership that combines food as medicine, coaching, and community to support you no matter where you are in your autoimmune journey.

WellTheory is truly what I wish I had at the beginning of my health journey, and I hope it will help so many others like me in the future.

I’m truly indebted to the AIP community—I (and WellTheory) wouldn’t be here without your support!"

- Ellen Rudoph, founder



"The AIP community is important to me on so many levels. Clearly, without the community support, there would be no ShopAIP.  Personally though, the community continues to inspire me, helps me to stay on course and challenges me to do better and do more every day...which is a long way from the very little I was able to do at the beginning of my diagnosis.  Additionally, I truly believe this community is full of loving and giving people that are doing their part to make this world a better place, by helping all of us make ourselves a better us." 

Sandra Dorst, Founder/CEO 

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Lovebird Cereal

"The AIP community helped me gain control of my life and ultimately create Lovebird.  I discovered AIP on my health journey managing psoriatic arthritis and was always hesitant because it seemed so challenging. Serendipitously, I was invited to participate in the SAD to AIP in SIX program with Angie Alt and Jaime Hartman and it gave me the tools to take my life back. Using that experience and becoming a new father, I left my big food job to clean up convenience food for my family and yours starting with breakfast." 

- Parker Brooks, Founder

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Beth Blends 

“At Beth Blends, we care about the AIP community because we are the AIP community. We’ve created this product because we’ve felt the fatigue of cooking every meal from scratch. We’ve felt left out when we couldn’t enjoy a meal with family. 

We believe that just because you have food restrictions, doesn’t mean you need to restrict yourself. Or sacrifice nutrition for convenience. We believe by producing a high quality, allergen free flour blend you can have convenience and wellness. We want to make living the AIP lifestyle easy and delicious."

-Beth ChenFounder

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Jack's Paleo Kitchen

"At Jack’s Paleo Kitchen we set out to make products that were free from all major allergens without grains or refined sugars, but we didn’t realize until after we started selling our cookies that we had made 4 (now 5) AIP flavors, what a happy accident! We always try to consider our AIP friends when creating new products, which is why when we created our new holiday Pumpkin Spice flavor we left out the nutmeg to keep it AIP compliant.  The AIP community is our most devoted and supportive customer base, and we are so grateful for you!"


Araza Beauty

"We are so honored to get the opportunity to sponsor the AIP summit this year! The AIP community is so near and dear to our hearts here at Araza. My sister, Jen, and I started Araza after dealing with intense health issues (my sister has Celiac and I was struggling with gut/hormone problems). Jen and I have collectively done the Autoimmune Protocol several times throughout our healing journey and what it gave us in terms of health and happiness, is something we will always be grateful for!"

- Lindsey Diamond, Co-Founder 




"The AIP community is dear to my heart because it was there for me when nobody else was. AIP has helped me figure things out that nobody else could. I feel indebted to this community not only for helping me figure out my own issues, but for the countless others it has helped and continues to help. "

- Dale Marcum, owner


The New Primal 

"It is truly our pleasure to partner with the AIP Community, because what we eat truly does matter.  Bringing awareness to consumers by sharing the importance of taking health & recovery into one's own hands by eliminating certain foods is so inspiring to our team.  We feel that AIP is an overall underserved community and hope by partnering together we will garner awareness & bring more healthy days ahead."

You Are What You Eat, Choose Wisely


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