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The driving mission behind all of the AIP Summit events is to support YOU on your journey with the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). We have made a significant investment of time and resources to create these sessions and are thrilled to be able to share them with you. 

We made our investment; now we offer you the opportunity to make your investment for yourself and for the AIP community as a whole.

We are proud to offer a Premium Package of recordings of all 7 days of the 2023 AIP Summit, which you can watch online as many times as you wish or download to keep forever, professionally produced transcripts for all talks, bonus gifts from the participating AIP Certified Coaches, and automatic access to our entire archive of monthly webinars from the past and those to come in 2023.  

Your purchase also helps us raise money for medical and scientific research into the efficacy and implementation of the Autoimmune Protocol and for various community outreach programs, such as the BIPOC roundtables that began in 2022. 

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Meet the speakers


All 32 speakers are AIP Certified Coaches, presenting instructional and informational content on their area of expertise. They are nutritionists, nurses, therapists, doctors, scientists, researchers, and practitioners of all types and hail from more than 10 different countries.

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7 Days - 32 Sessions

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Why purchase the Premium Package?

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of some AIP-friendly businesses, we are able to share this summit with all to watch during the broadcast week (January 9-15, 2023) at no charge.

But the AIP Certified Coaches who presented their expertise only get compensated for their time and expertise through the sales of this Premium Package.

Your purchase supports our work and makes it possible for us to create future educational content like this, and provides you with these benefits...


Get access to all 32 sessions immediately. They will be yours to watch and rewatch as many times as you want, either online or offline. Cooking demos, guided visualizations, interviews and lectures... it's all included!


For every video, you will also get a professionally produced transcript. These transcripts are helpful for people experiencing brain fog or who learn by reading. They are also a great way to share what you learn with your loved ones or medical providers.

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Many of the contributing coaches have created valuable resources exclusively for purchasers. Some of our sponsors also kicked in exclusive discounts and special product offers to sweeten the deal even more!

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The 2023 AIP Summit - Premium Package

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